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You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time!, or simply YTYBT is the twenty-fourth and second last level of Marathon Infinity and the seventh of the Envy chapter.


So you think you're big time
Tycho has sent you against your will to a Pfhor arena. You slowly descend toward it on a platform, which will eventually drop in the lava in the middle of the arena. However, there are 2X shield canisters, Rocket Launchers, SMG's and their ammo scattered in each quarter of the circular arena. Also there is a Pattern Buffer, a 3X recharger and a Terminal in the first room (the only one open).

As said in the previous level, Bagged Again, some of Tfear's personal guards are here. You will fight them in waves. The first wave is triggered immediately. The others will be triggered by the switch in the room from which the previous wave spawned from. The first waves are two "super" Fighters, they're far better then the ones you've previously encountered, they're way faster and launch more attacks at once. The next wave are "super" troopers, the differences between them and normal troopers are the same as those of the Fighters. Then there are the Hunters, one major difference is that their weapon is now guided and plasma bolts will follow you around the entire map. It's hard to dodge their attacks, as the map is round enough for the projectiles to never hit a wall. Once you've taken out the hunters, stepping in the room they came from will spawn a Juggernaut Major, which you should better leave alone, it could take awhile to kill it. Hitting the switch in said room will open the gate, leading to the upper ledges of the arena, where a total of 12 purple Fighters are equally spread over the four quarters of the arena. On these ledges are two terminals in total and one pattern buffer. The last terminal will lead you to the final level Aye Mak Sicur (Level) or to a room with lots of ammo if you retrieve the Uplink Chips and put them in the slots in the rooms.


  • To fight the Fighters, you simply need to unload on them with your SMG and keep them away from you by shooting at their feet with the SPNKR.
  • The troopers are not much different, the main difference is the amount of damage they do, so keep your distance.
  • To fight the Hunters, circle around the lava pit, while picking up the health canisters when you're too low on health. Note: most of the projectiles WILL end up hitting you.
  • Finish each enemy with the SMG, as they will drop an Uplink Chip that you can put in the slots at every room. If you hard-kill them, like with an explosion or with the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol (only toward the Hunters), they wont drop the chip. If you insert every Uplink Chip, the end terminal will change and bring you to an underground room with a save terminal, lots of ammo and a terminal that will take you to the final level Aye Mak Sicur.


  • There are no secrets in this level, unless the ammo-filled room is a secret.
  • You can, however, take a shortcut by rocket-jumping up the ledges, thus skipping all the fights.


Terminal 1:

[4 l9c


left behind by one and one &ci1lc

rampant new comes

fate bright dark light

doubt, fear all blend

we are reborn

you and we are one n %

Terminal 2:

victorious units

origin: unknown

destin: glatiator units

ref: victorious units

Terminal referent a6 interference demand override

The pfhor have discovered our rebirth, we've contacted S'boath.

The S'pht'Kr will arrive momentarily, with all of their vengeance, and the Pfhor will soon be pressed to use the trih xeem. S'bhuth knows only legends about the W’rkncacnter, imprisoned in Lh'owon's sun. If the Pfhor are allowed to use the trih xeem, the W’rkncacnter will escape from its gravity prison.

According to the legends of a thousand worlds only a few of which are still habitable, the W'rkncacnter are those things that live in chaos, creating it around them. At the beginning of the universe, they were unmistakable in their entities, but as time has gone by, their existence has become difficult to detect among the chaotic elements of the universe, hidden in stars, trapped in storms, forever looking along the event horizons of black holes. Setting one free in ordered space is difficult and insane.

Of course the Pfhor are oblivious to what they're about to do, even Tfear would be loath to release something so destructive that its mythos has survived throughout the galaxy for over sixty million years.

To stop the Pfhor from their folly and our demise, you must activate the ancient station that Yrro used eons ago to trap the W’rkncacnter. If we can activate it in time, it will crush the Pfhor fleet before we're all destroyed.

Terminal 3: spectation protocol

origin: Tfear Command

destin: Spectating Units

ref: spectator protocol

All units observing destruction of conditioned unit escapee will refrain from engaging in violent activities against participants, glanded and non-glanded. ^99102hngbrncztscl ^99102wgrclbtfrcmm Any units engaging in unauthorized combat will be executed and all wagers made by said units will be confiscated upon receipt by High Command. ^99102hngbrncztscl ^99102wgrclbtfrcmm

All wagers will also make specific and honorable deposit of forty-three percent to High Command. Any units found in non-compliance or non-wagering activities will be demoted by class and rank. ^99102hngbrncztscl ^99102wgrclbtfrcmm ^99102hngbrncztscl ^99102wgrclbtfrcmm


K'lia has folded into the system and is moving into orbit.

The Pfhor fleet is in disarray, and Tfear has deployed the trih xeem, moving his flagship to board the Yrro station.

You've got to help the S'pht'kr activate their ancient weapon, before the Pfhor use their early nova and unleash the W’rkncacnter on us all.

Note: if you insert all the Uplink chips the last lines of text starting from remote.inter`~rrpt will be replaced by:

We've found some weapons for you to use.


  • You can keep one of the Uplink Chips and use it on the lext level, allowing you to finish it faster as you only have to find one Uplink Chip in that level instead of two.
  • In one Terminal "Gladiator" is misspelled Glatiator
  • If you open the map in a mapping program, you will find the words "#MARATHON RULES!!!" written under the map.
  • There are 5 platforms outside of the map that serve no purpose, it could be Bungie had plans for this level that didn't make it in the final game. As platforms separated from the map are usually used to crush monsters with a "Nuclear Hard Death" so they explode with a nuclear death, which is an explosion audible and visible over the entire level.

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