Where Are Monsters in Dreams is the sixth level in Marathon Infinity. It is the second Dream Level coming right after Electric Sheep One.


The level is very dark and might confuse you at first. The enemies are unkillable and invisible S'pht'Kr that also don't move around. The level has a few terminals with poetic texts, which will be a recurring theme in the Dream Levels to come. The only objective of the Level is to go through the large winding halls until you reach the Terminal at the end of this path. At the end of this path will be a bridge, but once set foot on the bridge it will lower, to get you to your your end destination. This will lead you to a door that will open into a room close to the start where the first terminal is located. The message has now changed (you could already access the terminal from the start, but it would have shown a different text) and it will take you to the next Level, Acme Station (Level).


  • You can set the bridge back to it's previous height by stepping on two bright squares on the ground. Now you can retrace your steps until you reach the bridge again. This time you can safely cross. This leads you to a secret terminal that brings you to the first Failed Timeline Level Aie Mak Sicur (Level).
  • You can squeeze yourself into a Z-shaped hole in the ground in one of the rooms. This contains a Rocket Launcher and ammo. Just be quick, otherwise you'll get teleported right back out.

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