Description Edit

Able to be dual-wielded and very powerful at close range, the WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun fires two shotgun shells at a time and reloads by using ring-like trigger guards to spin the guns.

The shotgun is one of only two weapons not available in the original Marathon, making its first appearance in Marathon 2. The other being the KKV-7 10mm SMG Flechette in Marathon Infinity.

The WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun can be used to trigger switches and destroy circuit panels

Vacuum and Underwater Edit

This weapon cannot be fired underwater, but is vacuum-capable.

Quotes Edit

"While going through some data I appropriated from the Marathon (looking for design notes, of course) I stumbled across a reference to a weapon used by Imperialist forces against the insurrectionists during the Ares Raid; July 14, 2444. (Never heard of it? I’m not surprised!) Many years of loving craftsmanship went into the design and construction of this brutal tool of mayhem, I hope you can appreciate that. I won’t waste my time trying to explain the loading mechanism to you -- your primitive mind could never grasp its complex nature."
- from Marathon 2 manual

Trivia Edit

  • The shotgun was originally scheduled to make its appearance in Bungie's Marathon 20/10 Scenario Pack, but made its way into Marathon 2 when that product was cancelled.[1][2]
  • Its playstyle would eventually inspire the creation of the Brute Mauler in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST (although it is more true to its original playstyle in the former).
  • The design of the shotgun and its reloading animation seems to imply that it is both a lever-action and a break-action weapon.

Sources Edit

  1. The Marathon Scrapbook (.pdf download)
  2. The Marathon Scrapbook (html transcript)

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