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The Marathon
UESC Marathon
Production information
Technical specifications

15 km[1]


12 km[1]


10 km[1]

  • 50 senior staff
  • 1150 officers
  • 24,000 civilians[2]






Known crewmembers
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Logo of the Marathon

The UESC Marathon is a Multi Generational Colony UESC Ship, converted from one of Mars's moons, Deimos. The ship's main AI is Leela, who is accompanied by Durandal and Tycho. Durandal is in charge of the ship's autonomous functions, such as doors, life support, and kitchens. Tycho controls the science and engineering network.[4]

The Marathon has onboard Automatic Manufacturing Systems, capable of manufacturing replacement circuits for damaged components. These Systems were used after the initial attack to replace three circuits,[5] although the transfer of the last circuit board was canceled because of a failure of the final transporter conductor.[6]

The Marathon was equipped with at least one medium-range radio antenna, and the primary antenna was destroyed or disabled during the Pfhor invasion.[7] For internal communications, numerous terminals are scattered around various sections of the ship. It also has radar, infrared and visual light sensors.[8]

Pfhor Attack

In 2794, the Marathon was attacked by the Pfhor. It was attacked at 0820 hours, and was boarded at 0830 hours. Leela's message to all Marathon terminals on the subject was posted nine minutes later, at 2794., or July 3, 2794 at 08:39.[9] During the initial attack, a direct magnetic pulse disabled the Marathon's automated defenses.[4] The Pfhor were concentrating their attack on the aft Engineering section, and attempted to shut down the ship's reactors.[10] Eventually they brought a bomb to Reactor Area 3 in an attempt to destroy the Marathon.[11]

The Pfhor captured some of the Marathon's crew and brought them back to their ship to build simulacrums.[12]


The Marathon uses five basic door designs:

  1. Outer Bulkhead Doors
  2. Airlock Doors
  3. Inner Bulkhead Doors
  4. Tertiary or Inner Sealed Non-Vacuum Safe Doors
  5. Quaternary or Inner Powered Automatic Opening Doors

All the doors except the Airlock doors are exactly the same, but are checked differently for leakage amounts. Bulkhead doors are only opened on command, however, as Durandal has direct control over them, while Tertiary and Quaternary are opened automatically as needed through Durandal's indirect control. Airlocks are marked with an airlock symbol and are equipped with an air recharge system.[13]


With no more Artificial intelligences stable enough to run the ship, and the loss of most humans on board the Marathon, the fate of the Marathon is bleak at best. The Marathon was destroyed before it passed Tau Ceti. With most of the mechanics dead, and with crucial parts of the ship destroyed (such as the G4 Sunbathing Station), the Marathon would have most likely been back to normal in a generation or two.


All of the Marathon's airlock technicians wear plain green overalls. During the Pfhor invasion, their simulacrums all wore exactly the same green overalls, making all of the real technicians wander the ship naked.[14]


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