Try again is the twenty-sixth level in Marathon. It is the second level of Rebellion, the sixth and final chapter of the game.

Synopsis Edit

You have just been teleported here from Welcome to the Revolution.... The first terminal is extremely garbled. At the end it says it was from Leela, but it seems to be a collection of accounts of the Pfhor attack. The first time you go to the second terminal, it is an "out-of-character" message from Bungie, detailing several things to try if you never figured them out. The second time you go to it, it is another message from Leela, who apologizes for her earlier ramblings. She then tells you that Durandal has left the UESC Marathon, and says that she is terrified by the implications of his motives for assisting you against the Pfhor. She then tells you that there is one last place to defeat the Pfhor, and teleports you there to Ingue Ferroque.

List of Terminals Edit

  • @collection#593!=394<FC1.EA1.0395.AF6C>
  • Public Access Terminal 480-a<>

Sources Edit

Marathon - Level 25: Try again


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