The trih xeem is deployed (Marathon 2)

The trih xeem (also "tri xeem") is an extremely powerful weapon that can be used to force a star into early nova. Used by the Pfhor as a last-resort weapon to quell slave revolts, it was originally conceived and built by the Jjaro.

The Pfhor had previously been forced to use the trih xeem when the Nakh (the last extant client race of the Jjaro) rebelled six thousand years before the end of Marathon 2,[1] as well as a rebellion by the Drinniol.[2]

Much of the Marathon Infinity story revolves around preventing the Pfhor from using the tri xeem and inadvertently releasing a W'rkncacnter that is supposedly trapped within the Lh'owon sun.


The Pfhor have a weapon they save for slave revolts; a weapon which even they hesitate to use in the ordinary conduct of war. In the language of the Jjaro who conceived and built the device, it is called the trih xeem; a fair English translation would be "early nova".

There is not a single Nakh alive today, and if you look for their stars, you will only find ever-expanding clouds of superheated gas and dust light-years in diameter.

The evacuation of Lh'owon has already begun. In a matter of hours this planet will be a thin shell of plasma riding the shockwave of its exploding star.

You can stay behind to work on your tan, if you'd like, but I'm leaving.

- Durandal, Marathon 2, All Roads Lead To Sol..., Terminal 1


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