Admiral Tfear

Admiral Tfear

High Admiral Tfear is the leader of Battle Group Seven, Western Arm and is the oldest serving admiral in the Pfhor Navy. Durandal describes Tfear as a "brilliant strategist," and that if he is in command of the Khfiva, there is "no chance" of besting him.[1]

Tycho calls Tfear the most capable of the Pfhor High Command. In a Marathon Infinity timeline, Tfear commands a flagship named the Sepfh'r.[2]


During Marathon Durandal, he attacks the Boomer with his fleet consisting of seven Corvettes, four Destroyers, an Assault Carrier and a Battleship. His fleet took large casualties against the Boomer, but they managed to force Durandal to crash on Lh'owon's second moon, Y'loa. He then downloaded Durdanl's core. However, when the S'pht'Kr were summoned back to Lh'owon, Durandal took control of the Khfiva.

At the end of Marathon Durandal, he ordered the use of the Trih Xeem on Lh'owon's sun, releasing the W'rkncacnter from captivity. However the chaos was stopped by The Marine and Tfear was forced to leave the system by the S'pht'Kr.[3]

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