Teleportation is used in the Marathon Trilogy to transfer the player from one location to another and is generally the method of transitioning from one game level to the next.


Having been used in the Sol system since c. 2319[1], teleportation is commonly available from specific terminals, sometimes designated as "jump pads." The first terminal on a level will generally provide the player with a map indicating the location of a jump pad. Occasionally, unmarked teleporters can be found, appearing as ordinary sections of flooring.

The act of teleportation causes the Tuncer Mirage Effect (or TME): space blurring and focusing in diminishing cycles. Although a commonplace effect, Mjolnir Recon number 54 had never seen it affect such a large area prior to the Pfhor's attack on the UESC Marathon.[1]

At some point during his communication with the S'pht, the Marathon's rampant AI, Durandal, learned of a complex software enhancement that not only allowed him to extend the power and distance of the teleporters aboard the Marathon, but removed the need for a destination apparatus.[2] It would appear that this same upgrade allowed Durandal to teleport his stolen vessel less than thirty kilometers away from Lh'owon and Battle Group Three -- a feat previously thought impossible, due to the proximity of a source of gravity.[3]

Beginning with Marathon 2, Durandal was able to teleport supplies as well as armed human squads to the general vicinity of Mjolnir Recon number 54 when convenient. In Marathon Infinity, Durandal's former AI shipmate, Tycho, demonstrated his ability to do the same, often providing Hunter and Trooper support in this way.

Although the maximum distance of teleportation is undetermined, its range and margin for error can be blocked by various factors, some of which include extreme depth underground,[4][5] large amounts of electromagnetic interference (such as is caused by short-circuiting or exploding Pfhor machinery),[6] heavy surface radiation,[7] and other, unspecified S'pht defenses.[8] Durandal has demonstrated the ability to use the presence of certain types of terminals to amplify the player's teleport signal from normally-inaccessible depths.[5] Durandal showed reluctance to test his ability to teleport without error with Mjolnir Recon number 54, but it is not known exactly hat might occur if an object (living or otherwise) were to be teleported under less than ideal conditions.

It was Durandal's discovery of the ancient Jjaro ability to warp entire planets between solar systems that led him to the planet Lh'owon on his search for the fabled lost clan of the S'pht.


Aahhh, life in the glorious 28th century. Walking into a Jump Pad will instantly transport you to a new location. The computer will usually tell you which Jump Pads transport you where. -Marathon manual


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