Strange Aeons is the 22nd level in Marathon Infinity and the fifth level in the Envy Chapter.


You start in a area with lots of wildlife, including F'lickta. They will generally ignore you while hunting down other prey. Don't forget to save and read the poetic terminal.

In the middle-left pool is an Uplink Chip you'll need later on. If you go up the hill you can jump to any of four paths. Each of these paths contain AI personality cells. There is also a switch in each one. You'll need to hit the switches in the right order to activate the jumping puzzle in the last room (the upper left one).

In the last room you'll need to jump back and forth between the personality cells until you reach the end. This leads you to a bridge above a pool of water F'lickta. At the end is a uplink slot in which you'll need to insert the uplink chip you previous picked up. The terminal at the beginning then changes to a message from Thoth and Durandal who are now merged together.


  • The uplink chip in the pool is Durandal's primal pattern chip, which you received in Hang Brain and then lost in By Committee.

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