St'ngr patiently studies a Compiler (Marathon Infinity)

Science Officer 2nd Class St'ngr[1] was a Pfhor, and a part of the Science Unit at the Pfhor's Perimeter Garrison 7AF, located on the planet Lh'owon.

According to his personal log file[1], St'ngr was directly responsible for an unapproved experiment meant to determine the nature of the S'pht Compilers. Part of this process involved an attempt to separate the Compiler bio component from its exoskeleton, which was a failure due to the early introduction of the robotic casing to the creature. St'ngr began this experiment after his repeated requests for classified information on the Compilers were denied by Unit Command.

Following his failed previous attempt, St'ngr cannibalized several elevators to construct a device with which to apply pressure to a Compiler exoskeleton in another attempt at separating the bio component, in order to compare it to the native F'lickta, investigating a hypothesis by Science Officer 1st Class W'rrl that the S'pht and F'lickta were similar in many respects.


Even though he has blue armor in the terminal, indicating he's a fighter major projectile, his rank in the game is minor on normal or lower.


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