Sorry Don't Make It So is the fifteenth level in Marathon 2: Durandal. It is the second level of Durandal, the fifth chapter in the game.


You were teleported to a random part of the ship and now you'll have to get a move on to find Durandal's core, all while corrupted messages from him. Tycho will also contact you a few times, telling you he is winning and you should give up, while Durandal orders you to destroy him.

This level is almost identical to the first Pfhor level in Marathon.

Every ledge has some enemies teleporting on to it after you pass by it. Most if not all enemies on the level teleport in, so be cautious. There are lots of Enforcers and Cyborgs on this level. You will want to head to the Pattern Buffer and 3x shield recharger first, as they'll help a lot in this level.

To get to the second half of the level, from which you cannot return, you have to take a plasma swim and get out in any opening you like, though preferably the first or else your health will be very low. There is only a 2x shield recharger here and you'll get face to face with a Mother of All Cyborgs near the exit. It is best to not linger around to much in the second half, there's barely anything to find, and most encounter are sheer wastes of ammo.

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  • The same secret is here as the one in Pfhor Your Eyes Only..., hit the switch and go to the tiny plasma pool, there's an platform going up in a few seconds which leads you to a teleporter. but it won't take you to an Alien Weapon cache, instead you'll go to a shortcut to the second half of the level, though beware of the rather difficult battle going on here.
  • In the pool connected to the second half of the level is a Flamethrower along with some ammo. Don't be shy to use it on this level, you won't get much opportunity's to use it after a few levels.
  • In one of the interior rooms is a pool with at the bottom a 3x shield recharger, you will get out with about 2.5x shields.


Marathon 2: Durandal - Level 15: Sorry Don't Make It So