Simulacrums is the eighth chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of three levels.



"Simulacrums" chapter screen

Throughout this entire chapter the player is contacted by Thoth with minimal advancement in the story line.

The players begins in Where the Twist Flops and is instructed to kill all assimilated humans and Pfhor. This area appears to be part of the S'pht/human base Robert Blake was in.

In the next level, Thoth explains "your humans are safe"[1] and gives the objective "What must be done should be clear."[2] The player should kill any Pfhor they encounter and head to the final terminal to proceed.

Finally, the player is sent to the Pfhor ship, Hfarl and while no objective is given from Thoth, the player must hit multiple switches to prepare the ship for Robert Blake and men to take over.


Where the Twist Flops

  • Thoth tells the player to kill all Simulacrums and Pfhor. Once the player killed all hostiles, he should return to the starting area to teleport out from the exit terminal.

Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks

  • While the player is contacted by Thoth in this level, he gives no clear story line objective other than to kill any Pfhor encountered and to reach the final terminal.

Requiem For a Cyborg

  • The player is transported aboard the Pfhor ship Hfarl by Thoth without any reason. Thoth gives no instructions here and doesn't contact the player except to teleport him out. To complete this level, the player must hit two switches which disengage large docking clamps and hit all three switches in the room with the plasma. Returning to the first terminal will teleport the player out.



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