This article is about the Marathon Story.

You may also be looking for Sfiera (Goddess), a goddess in the Pfhor religion.


The Sfiera, rechristened "Boomer"

Production information


Technical specifications

2 km[1]


Scout (?)[2]




The Sfiera[3] was a corvette[4][5] in the Pfhor fleet. It was stolen by Durandal after the battle of Tau Ceti, and was rechristened Narhl'Lar by the S'pht, although Durandal calls it the Boomer.[3]

Durandal made many improvements to the corvette after taking it over, including the ability to focus a particle beam at close to two times the range of other ships in the Pfhor fleet[6]

Name Edit

The Pfhor named the ship after Sfiera, their goddess of lightning and passion. The S'pht name for the ship translates to "Freedom and Vengeance" in reference to the fact that Durandal liberated the S'pht on that ship and helped them to fight back against the Pfhor. Durandal's name for it seems more like a pet name than anything else, likely due to his rampancy.

Sources Edit

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