Combatant leader 2nd class Rr'pt is a Pfhor soldier featured in the Marathon Infinity level Poor Yorick.

He was one of Tycho's soldiers fighting against Captain R'chzne and he's presumably of aggregate rank like most Pfhor soldiers. He and the other troops managed to defeat the troops of R'chzne and chased the retreating forces.

Though when outriders (the ones chasing R'chzne's forces) reported transporter telltales, which were presumably human commandos, Rr'pt contacted Tycho to "humbly request reinforcement by armored units (Juggernauts)" Which they later received and used to fight the humans.


  • It is possible you actually do meet Rr'pt. He could be the Hunter major (as there is only one in the level on normal difficulty) or the Mother Of All Hunters (as there is also only one), however, this is pure speculation.

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