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Rise Robot Rise is the first level in the Despair chapter and the second in Marathon Infinity.


The level starts in an elevator bringing you up to an Enforcer. Quickly get away and grab the pistols and ammo. The Fighters in this level are friendly to you, as are all types of Pfhor except Enforcers, unless you attack them. You'l get an Alien Weapon after you kill the enforcer and you have to go to a room with a pattern buffer, 2X recharger and a terminal from Tycho. He has captured you and you work for him to kill all of the Enforcers on the level so he can assume control of the ship. This level introduces Hunters and Enforcers. The exit terminal will lead you to Poor Yorick (level), searching for R'chzne, the captain of the ship.


  • At the bottom of the map is an area with Pfhor pieces and blood. If you go down the stairs leading to this area, the doors at the exit and entrance of it will close and it will flood with plasma. You can get out in time and get a 1X recharger. Follow the now opened path across the recharger and you'll eventually after dealing with a couple of Enforcers find a terminal and a Flamethrower.
  • The elevator leading to the cave-like area has two collums in it. One of those goes up very fast and then back down. If you hit the switch and then stand on this platform you'll be taken to an Assault Rifle and ammo.
  • At the same location as the ammo cache is a locked door which is unlocked by the switch close to the one that controls the elevator. You'l have to be very fast to reach the door before it close again. So it's much easier to accomplish in Co-op. Behind the door is a terminal which leads to Robot World Arena


  • you don't actually have to kill all the enforcers in the level, you just have to reach the exit. The map goal is set to Exploration, as setting it to Extermination would have had you kill all of the aliens.

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