Perimeter Station 7AF commander 5th class Re'eer was a Pfhor soldier of Attentive rank stationed at the water treatment plant. He studied the Pfhorish and Narsh languages.


Not much is known about Re'eer except that he made a comparative study of the pfhorish and Narsh languages. He had stolen classified documents on Nar interrogations with which heeventually came to the conclusion that Robnar the Nar High Seer may have foreseen the coming of the Pfhor on Lh'owon and it's possible destruction. . He made a clear translation of the Nar's rambling, which described the Pfhor as "Nebulons" and the Humans as "gentle creatures such as Drinniol, who are well known for enjoying crushing Nebulons". Though it doesn't seem it had any effect on the other Pfhor as he kept his findings in a mobile command log with the personal-stamp. But fearing the consequences of stealing these documents, he feigned his own death and stayed in hiding. His current status is unknown, although it's likely he died as there are no more entries after he wrote "I hear someone coming and I must not be found." He was either executed be the Pfhor for feigning his own death or he was killed by the Humans.


The Pfhor renamed the Ressuply Tower 2 to Commemorative Ressuply Tower Re'eer after his untimely demise (the one he faked to steal the rantings of Robnar).

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