Prologue is the first chapter in Marathon Infinity and consists of one level.

Synopsis Edit

Prologue Chapter Screen

Marathon Infinity Prologue chapter screen

The game begins with a strange message from Durandal saying "Things have gone terribly awry."[1], the Pfhor have used the Trih Xeem on Lh'owon's Sun, and the player is aboard a station who's purpose is unknown.

Additionally, Durandal says "if I could have delayed the Pfhor from using their weapon, I could have sent you to explore the ruins of Lh'owon"[2]. This sentence alone seems extremely strange as the player spent almost the entirety of Marathon 2: Durandal exploring Lh'owon, looking for the S'pht'Kr.

Furthermore, Durandal seems resigned to his fate and there's no way to escape the chaos freed from Lh'owon's sun. Yet, at the end of Marathon 2: Durandal the player is told "The evacuation of Lh'owon has already begun. In a matter of hours this planet will be a thin shell of plasma riding the shockwave of its exploding star. You can stay behind to work on your tan, if you'd like, but I'm leaving." [3] Durandal seems very unconcerned about the Pfhor deploying the Trih Xeem and the Marathon 2: Durandal Final Screen confirms the events happening in Ne Cede Malis are contradictory.

This level is the end of one of the failed timelines in Marathon Infinity, where the player is unable or cannot stop the W'rkncacnter from being released from Lh'owon's sun by the Pfhor using of the Trih Xeem.

As for the game-play in Ne Cede Malis, the player only has to unlock two doors via switches and proceed to the exit terminal.

Levels Edit

Ne Cede Malis

  • The player begins the game in a dimly lit Jjaro station who's purpose is unknown for the moment. The player is contacted by Durandal who says the Pfhor have used the Trih Xeem and released a being of pure chaos. Durandal suggests the player try to escape to a nearby Pfhor ship, but he himself is doomed to die here.

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