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Poor Yorick is the second level in the Despair chapter and the third in Marathon Infinity


You are ordered by Tycho to locate R'chzne's transmitter and destroy it. This level introduces troopers. Hunters are your allies again, including a Mother of all Hunters. You'll have to hit two switches to finish the level. You start in a room with a terminal and a good view at the water-filled area's you'll have to traverse. You need to stay on the ledges or you'll have to go back to the very first ledge, which has a stair leading to it. Going up the curving stairway will lead you to a nice room with terminals, the switch you need to activate and pattern buffers. And some wildlife, which is entirely new to Infinity. Like the "Lh'owon Yellyfish" and the "Lh'owon lizards". Going further in the level you'll encounter Infinity's first F'lickta. Going through the level is simple, just stay on the ledges and after hitting some switches you'll get to the final area, connected to the room with terms and pattern buffers. This Exit area is also the beginning of the next level, Confound Delivery (level).


  • At the upper ledge there's a secret room with ammo and a trooper, In this secret room is a "closet" with Infinity's new weapon and ammo for it: the KKV-7 10mm SMG Flechette.
  • In the hexagonal water filled room with no apparent use, is a secret door which will lead to a terminal leading to Two for the Price of One (level).


  • A Demo film that's built into the game, shows this level and all of it's secrets.

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