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This article is about the Marathon Story.

Pfhoraphobia is the twenty-third level in Marathon. It is the seventh level of The Pfhor, the fifth chapter of the game.

Synopsis Edit

Game: Marathon
Chapter: The Pfhor
Previous: Eupfhoria
Next: Ain't Got Time Pfhor This...
Level Info:
Location: Pfhor Ship
Enemies: Pfhor
Terminals: None

You have just been teleported here from Eupfhoria. The point of this level is to explore everywhere, then to find and look out a window facing the UESC Marathon.

After exploring Durandal will teleport you to Ain't Got Time Pfhor This...


  • This is one of the only levels in Marathon which lacks a save terminal.
  • In earlier versions of the Aleph One port of Marathon, Marathon M1A1, there was a secret save terminal on the wall right near where you start the level. This secret save terminal was not in the original game and was removed in later versions of Marathon M1A1.

Sources Edit

Marathon - Level 22: Pfhoraphobia


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