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This article is about the Marathon Story.

Pfhor Logo

The Pfhor insignia.

The Pfhor[1] (pronounced "FOUR") are an alien race of slavers that attacked the UESC Marathon in 2794.[2] The Pfhor are an ancient extraterrestrial space-faring race of alien slavers. They seek to control the galaxy and perform numerous evil deeds in the games.

The Pfhor are bipedal, somewhat taller than humans, have three red eyes and grey skin. The arrangement of their eyes was changed from a triangle pointing down in Marathon to a triangle pointing up in the later games.[3]

Culture Edit

Little is revealed about Pfhor culture. They appear to have a rather complex bureaucracy, and according to Durandal their religion is "pathetically boring."[4] The only information that has been gathered about their religion is the presence of Sfiera, a goddess of lightning and passion.

Castes Edit

The separate types of soldier equipped within the Pfhor garrison are divided up into a caste system, each with its own armor and weapons:

  • Fighter[5]: Garden variety Pfhor soldiers that carry a shock staff weapon. Green and purple fighters can only use the staff as a mêlée weapon, but orange and blue-vested ones are capable of melee as well as firing energy bolts with the shock staff at a distance. Blue fighters are faster and more aggressive. Purple fighters are stronger. Black fighters are the strongest of all, being faster and more aggressive than the blue fighters, and stronger than the purple. They have both melee and ranged attacks, and are exclusive to Infinity.
  • Trooper[5]: As a testament to human and alien weapon technology, Troopers are soldiers that wear vacuum-enabled suits and carry a weapon similar to the player's assault rifle, which, unlike the player's weapon, never runs out of ammunition. Troopers in green suits are less aggressive than those in purple.
  • Hunter[6]: Pfhor wearing heavy Hunter armor are able to withstand most projectiles, but possess a vulnerability to high energy weapons such as the fusion pistol. They fire energy bolts from a device on the shoulder section of the armour. They howl when disturbed in Marathon, but do not do so in sequels. Minor Hunters wear brown suits and major Hunters wear green ones. In Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, there is some distribution of blue-suited hunters that are stronger and larger.
  • Enforcer[6]: Enforcers are tall and thin aliens that fire a unique weapon that the player can pick up if he kills one. In Marathon, this weapon acts like a more accurate version of the assault rifle, but in sequels is more like a long-range flamethrower that can fire symmetrically. When such a weapon is picked up, ammunition is random and there is no method of reloading. Enforcers will only fire upon aliens unless disturbed by the player. Blue Enforcers are weaker than green ones.
  • Juggernaut: Juggernauts are essentially large flying tanks that attack the player with heat-seeking rockets and alien projectiles. Properly called Pfhor Assault Vehicles, Juggernauts are also known as "The Big Floaty Thing What [sic] Kicks Our Asses," by the Nebulons, a race of aliens mentioned in the game. Though a Juggernaut's rockets are not as powerful as human ones, they are the strongest enemy in the series. When a Juggernaut is killed it slowly descends to the ground, accompanied by the sound of a loud alarm; it then explodes in a bright white flash which is audible and visible from every part of a level. This explosion severely damages anything within its range. In Marathon, the Juggernauts are all gray, but in Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, there are also orange Juggernauts, which are much stronger.
  • High Pfhor: The Pfhor are divided into at least six "Ranks:" "Conditioned," which are mainly reserved for slave races, "Aggregate," "Willful," "Attentive," "Imperial," and "Command." Most of the Pfhor encountered during gameplay (with the exception of the Enforcer) are of the Aggregate Rank. However, Pfhor of higher castes are mentioned or encountered in the terminals. For example, Commander Tfear, who has supreme command of Pfhor Battle Group Seven, is of the Command caste.

Slave RacesEdit

The Pfhor have several servant races who fight with them, not by choice but because they are forced to do so.

  • S'pht: The S'pht are the most commonly encountered slave race of the Pfhor, the compiler forms have metallic heads and long red capes, and are equipped with some form of energy blast emitter under their capes. Depending on the class of S'pht, they can launch various sorts of glowing bolts which, in some cases, home on the target.
  • Drinniol: The Drinniol, or "Hulks," are slow, massive, walking tanks the Phfor use to fight. They have no ranged attack capability, but have been known to be able to send humans flying through the air with their powerful blows.
  • Wasp: The Wasp is usually deployed in large groups, usually to annoy or confuse the target. They are flying insectoid creatures which spit and move extremely fast. Lucky they lack armor and as result will be taken down usually in one or two pistol shots.
  • Looker: The Looker is also believed to be a phfor slave race, it is a small insectoid creature with lumps on its back, when shot or when it gets within range of the player, it explodes violently. It is weak and can be taken down in one pistol round.

List of Pfhor Ships Edit

Quotes Edit

Pfhor are generally thinner and lighter than humans and are superbly adapted for low gravity environments. Durandal told me that there are many "clans" of Pfhor, each physically distinct from each other, but my summary only includes two of them. Only two clans of the Pfhor have been examined. The Fighter carries a shock staff, which is capable of attacking at different settings. The Trooper is armored for vacuum conditions and carries a combination explosive and impact projectile weapon which is similar to your AR-75. - Leela, from Marathon, Defend THIS!, Terminal 4

Trivia Edit

  • The Pfhor having three eyes is a seven reference because 4(name)+3(eyes)=7

Sources Edit

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