Perimeter Garrison 7AF is a Pfhor Garrison located far away from the main garrisons, tasked with maintaining the water treatment facility for Planetary Command and housing all of the Eastern Emplacements, including Juggernauts.


The location where the garrison is stationed used to be a F'lickta-dominated wetland.

The base was set up early in the exploration of the planet after Durandal's arrival in the system, as before his arrival, Lh'owon wasn't properly explored yet. Though tactical importance was moved away from the station and moved more northly, as surface radiation interfered with transporters. The garrison was tasked with exterminating the F'lickta and removing the radiation and the swamps surrounding it.

Durandal teleported the Marine here, to disable the dam system and flood the area, making way for Human commando's to infiltrate the Defensive Perimeter set up by the Pfhor.


"If there is an armpit to the Lh’owon garrison, this is it. Perimeter Station 7AF is separated from the Pfhor concept of civilization by 200 klicks of filth-ridden swamp, choked with a thousand hungry F'lckta and as many years of S'pht debris." -Durandal, Where Some rarely Go

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