Nuke And Pave is the eighth level in Marathon 2: Durandal. It is the second level of Garrison, the third chapter of the game.


You have been teleported here from Ex Cathedra. This is the first level with friendly drones in it. These drones fight on your side thanks to the virus you installed in the previous level.

The only terminal here is a message from Durandal. He tells you that he enjoys watching you "work," and that his friend Bernard Strauss was scared of you and never thought to use you in the way that Durandal does. He wanted to humiliate Bernhard the way he was humiliated, operating doors on the UESC Marathon, but Bernhard died before he was able to.

From this level you are teleported to Curiouser and Curiouser...

List of Terminals TychoiscoolbeansTRANSWHAT

  • T-m 459-c94


  • In the large room with the broken walls (where you activate the switch with the elevator which leads to the final terminal) there is a pillar atop which stands an invisibility and an invincibility power up. To activate the pillar, you need to hit a destructible switch which you encounter later in the level. Returning to this point should not be a problem.
  • In the same room, on the upper level you will find two energy terminals, one red and one yellow. The red one looks like a 1x recharger but is actually a 3x recharger.


  • The area with the 2X recharger and 1X rechargers (3X in disguise) is the same as the net level "No disintegrations"


Marathon 2: Durandal - Level 8: Nuke And Pave