No Artificial Colors is the eighteenth level in Marathon. It is the second level of The Pfhor, the fifth chapter of the game.

Synopsis Edit

You have just been teleported here from Pfhor Your Eyes Only... The first time you go to the only terminal on this level, you get a message from Durandal. He tells you that your trip to the Pfhor ship was a success and that you will be returning shortly, but first he wants you to look for Bernard Strauss to see if he is still alive. He has been captured by the Pfhor, and Durandal will hold you responsible if he dies.

Once you have completed your mission and rescued captive the BOBs, if you return to the terminal, Durandal explains that Strauss wasn't among those you rescued. He tells you that two ships are going back to the Pfhor ship carrying humans to be enslaved and that you must return to rescue Strauss.

He tells you to stop in front of a window again when you're finished, and then teleports you to Unpfhorgiven.

List of Terminals Edit

  • Public Access Terminal 59-e<34.567.19.298>

Sources Edit

Marathon - Level 17: No Artificial Colors


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