Never Burn Money is the third level in Marathon. It is the third and final level of Arrival, the first chapter of the game.


You have just been teleported here from Bigger Guns Nearby. The first terminal is a message from Leela, telling you to use the nearby Pattern Buffer, retrieve the circuits, and go to another terminal to be teleported to the Defense Center (the next level).

The second terminal tells you that the last circuit's transfer was canceled and Leela explains you to collect it from the Manufacturing Transport Station before moving on. You are then told that there is a security breach but not given a specific location.

The third terminal gives you a message from an unknown source about Gheritt White, which is irrelevant to the problem at hand.

The fourth terminal is a corrupted message that is nearly impossible to read.

The fifth and final terminal tells you that the Pfhor are concentrating on the aft Engineering Section and may try to shut down the UESC Marathon's reactors.

From the last terminal you are transported to Defend THIS! to replace the circuit boards.

New Enemies

  • This level marks the first appearance of the Wasp.

List of Terminals

  • Public Access Terminal 4-a<892.33.12.479>
  • AMS Terminal 33-f<>
  • Public Access Terminal 95-w<>
  • Public Access Terminal 95-f<>
  • AMS Terminal 39-f<>


Marathon - Level 3: Never Burn Money