Under Tfaer's feet

This article is about the Marathon Story.

The Nebulons[1] are an alien race mentioned briefly throughout the Marathon series. Dead members of the Nebulon species can be seen beneath the feet of Admiral Tfear in a terminal graphic in Marathon 2. Their extremely verbose term for the Juggernaut is "The Big Floaty Thing What Kicks Our Asses."


The mailed fist of Battle Group 7's air combat wing is the 723rd Heavy Air Cavalry, armed with the Dreaded Utfoo Heavy Assault Craft. The World Killers, led by Adml Tfear, are personally responsible for routing the combined planetary armed forces of Nebulon as well as handing general humiliating defeats to the Nar. In the rather unwieldly language of the Nar it is called "Gaze in Stunned Disbelief at the Tool of Our Destruction." In Nebulonese it is known as "The Big Floaty Thing What Kicks Our Asses." I believe the Phfor call them Juggernauts.
- Durandal, Marathon 2, Feel The Noise, Terminal 1 (2nd message, schematic)

A wise Nar once said "A Nebulon under the foot is worth two behind a plasma cannon," but the Nar are still waiting for their mythical savior with green pee to fly their coal-powered interstellar battlewagons to glory against the Nebulons. Those are Nebulons under Tfear's feet, by the way. Seems nobody likes the Nebulons. Jason Jones, from Marathon 2, All Roads Lead To Sol..., Terminal 2 (credit terminal)



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