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A Map of the level Ne Cede Malis

Ne Cede Malis is the first level of Marathon Infinity. It serves as the only level in the prologue chapter.


The level has soft gameplay against fighters and compilers, with only your pistols and fists. The first terminal is from Durandal who says the Pfhor deployed a weapon that has unleashed something that will destroy him and the station you're currently on. He orders you to escape, but you'll have to open to big doors first. The switches are scattered thoughout the level. On your way you'll find a terminal with difficult-to-read text and an image of the VacBob (a new kind of BOB). At the end you'll need to acces a terminal with a very poetic message telling you to "start back" From here you're teleported to Rise Robot Rise, a completely new reality.


  • At the top of the c-shaped stairway there is a room with two fighters in it. There are two ledges you can jump on. The biggest one has a secret door leading to a shotgun.
  • In the last room is a ledge containing shotgun ammo, which is reachable with some mid-air jumps. Though it's not necessary to get it as you'll start the next level without weapons and ammo anyway.
  • On the east side of the map is a room with seemingly no exit. Though if you jump from box to box, the top one has a secret door, which will eventually lead to a napalm canister and a compiler reading a terminal. This terminal is full of hexadecimal code, which combined with a similar term on the last level will forms an archive that can be decoded into a map file.

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