My Own Private Thermopylae is the twenty-first level in Marathon 2: Durandal and the third level in Blake, the eighth chapter of the game.


The player is contacted by Robert Blake and he explains he took some men ahead and attempted to secure the area but they were overwhelmed by heavily armed Pfhor forces. Blake and several of his men were able to escape but many still remain trapped in this area.

Blake asks the player to rescue any BOBs he encounters and to active two more personality cells on this level.


Upon teleporting in the player is presented with three different paths, two of which lead deeper into the level and a third leading to a Pattern Buffer and Terminal. The starting area also contains a 1x shield recharger, which can be returned to as often as the player needs.

While the initial terminal does state there are BOBs to rescue, but whether they live or die does not affect the mission outcome. The player's true objective is to active two more AI personality cells. These will look similar to the previous two the player activated in This Side Toward Enemy.

Both personality cells are located in the northern sections of the level and only require the player find them and turn them on. After activating them, the player should return to the terminal near the start to leave.


There are two secrets on this level:

  • The SPNKR SSM Launcher can found next to the Pattern Buffer at the start by tabbing the wall by the platform moving up and down. See 'B' on the map above.
  • There is a secret terminal that accessed in the north-eastern section of the level at the 'Y' junction. Pressing tab on the wall there will grant access to this terminal. On the map above, this terminal is marked with a yellow oval.

Enemies Pfhorproject1

Terminals TychoiscoolbeansTRANSWHAT

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  • common.set <2e0xcxx3.465.2>


Marathon 2: Durandal - Level 21: My Own Private Thermopylae