The Soundtrack for the original Marathon consists of seven MIDI tracks taken from various chapters in the game.


When Marathon was originally released, the CD-ROM on which the game shipped also functioned as an audio CD containing the soundtrack for the game. The seven tracks in the soundtrack were MIDI compositions created by Alexander Seropian. The game itself used the original MIDI files and the audio CD tracks were simply a bonus for the player.

Track Listing

Note: The numbering of the tracks in the following table (2 - 8 vs. 1 - 7) is correct per the listing on the original CD.

# Track Name Track Length Game Usage
2 Splash (Marathon) 4:06 Ingue Ferroque
3 Landing 3:02 Arrival G4 Sunbathing Try Again
4 Leela 3:40
5 Freedom 2:14
6 Fat Man 1:37
7 Flippant 1:27
8 Rushing 1:47

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