Juggernauts are large flying tank-like enemies and are encountered by the player in the Marathon Trilogy.

Description Edit


Juggernaut from Marathon.


Juggernaut from Marathon 2: Durandal and Infinity.

The Pfhor Juggernauts or Utfoo Heavy Assault Crafts are the strongest enemies throughout all of the Marathon Trilogy. All Juggernauts are equipped with an automatic close-range weapon and a secondary guided weapon, both are duel-wielded. In each game, Juggernauts were generally found near the end of the campaign and usually on one or two levels.

When killed, Juggernauts emit a loud alarm noise, announcing their self-destruct sequence. Upon hitting the floor this sequence ends and the Juggernaut emits a large explosion that deals massive to anything in the blast radius. This explosion can seen and heard from anywhere in the level.

Juggernauts are best fought using cover to evade their guided weapons and large open spaces to avoid being hit by their non-guided weapons. The SPNKR SSM Launcher and the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol are the most effective weapons to use and in Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity the WSTE-M5 Combat Shotguns are useful at close-range.

Marathon Edit

In Marathon Juggernauts are equipped with close-range machine guns and long-range guided grenades. The player only encounters Juggernauts in the level Try again.

Marthon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity Edit

In Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity Juggernauts are given a new look, new weapons, and they no longer prioritize their weapons based on the distance to their target. Juggernaut also come in Minor or Major versions.

  • Minor Juggernauts are grey in color.
  • Major Juggernauts are orange in color, have higher health, and shoot more often.

Additionally, Juggernauts are now equipped with "Warpedos"[1] and will shoot large bursts of their "N-cannons"[2]. Warpedos are guided missiles and N-cannons fire the same projectile as Enforcers, both are duel-wielded.

In Marathon 2: Durandal Juggernauts can be found in:

In Marathon Infinity Juggernauts can found in:

Anatomy and Physiology Edit


Juggernaut schematic, Marathon 2: Durandal

The Juggernaut's design was changed throughout the Marathon Trilogy. In Marathon, their faces are skeletal looking, and their floating bodies are project a round shape. They have three eyes like most of the Pfhor.

In Marathon 2: Durandal their face was simplified a bit and doesn't appear skeletal in-nature but more machine like. Their bodies were also given a different shape to be less round but more squarish in shape.

As stated by Durandal in Marathon Infinity, the shields of a Juggernaut are normally powered off while they are being repaired.[3] The player takes advantage of this by destroying several powered off Juggernauts, as well as several empty Hunters, on the Armor Platform of the Lh'owon Naval Unit with single shots from the Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol. Additionally, powered-down Juggernauts are equally vulnerable to stray bolts from the Pfhor shockstaff and bolts from Hunters.

Quotes Edit

The mailed fist of Battle Group 7's air combat wing is the 723rd Heavy Air Cavalry, armed with the Dreaded Utfoo Heavy Assault Craft. The World Killers, led by Admiral Tfear, are personally responsible for routing the combined planetary armed forces of Nebulon as well as handing general humiliating defeats to the Nar. In the rather unwieldy language of the Nar it is called "Gaze in Stunned Disbelief at the Tool of Our Destruction." In Nebulonese it is known as "The Big Floaty Thing What Kicks Our Asses." I believe the Phfor call them Juggernauts.
- Durandal, Marathon 2, Feel the Noise, Terminal 1 (2nd message, schematic)

Juggernaut shields are typically powered down during repair, so you will find the fusion pistol very effective. You might also want to spend a few seconds thinking about explosions and small spaces.
- Durandal, Marathon Infinity, Post Naval Trauma, Terminal 0

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Sources Edit

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