If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay (Level)

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If I Had a Rocket Launcher is the 14th level of Marathon 2: Durandal and the first level of the chapter Durandal, and one of the Vidmaster Challenge levels in Marathon Infinity.


You have been teleported here from Six Thousand Feet Under after Durandal wiped out half of the Pfhor battle group seven. The Pfhor have begun boarding durandal's ship, and you are required to repel them.

Enemies Pfhorproject1Edit

  • Hunters
  • Troopers
  • Mother of all Hunters
  • Exploding BoBs


Completing this level is relatively simple, as it is more of a combat level rather than a puzzling level, at the start be sure to check around the corner to find a x3 health charger, then save and open the terminal. You will then be teleported into a room, with infinite numbers off phfor pouring off two platforms, the best way to clear this is hit the switch, (which opens the blast door) and hide behind the wall containing the switch, you should only be visited by one exploding BoB and a Trooper. Once the air lock opens run through and begin evading the Hunters, there is another blast door here with an oxygen charger and a x2 Health Canister set the door opening and then find a quite place to hold off against them, The are various other items in this maze of tunnels including a x1 health charger, a x3 health canister, and a save terminal. Beware though, even when you think they are dead a lone Trooper may spawn and surprise you. once the door is open run through and some Bobs should teleport in, they are not exploding ones. Go around the corner to your right and there is a save terminal nearby. To the right of the save terminal is a bridge across plasma, jump to it and go up it towards a blueish room go around to the right and dodge the troopers then head up the stairs and down the hallway, be sure to turn left onto the jutting out platform and get the rocket launcher. proceed down that tunnel until you come to blast door number 3. Push the button and wait (there is a x2 health charger in the hall with the door). Once its open go past it and into the little alcove to be teleported to Sorry Don't Make It So

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