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This article is about the Marathon Story.


Various Hunter sprites

The Hunters are the strongest of the Pfhor infantry, they are a rank above the Troopers. Like the Troopers, Hunters only have two sub-ranks: the minor Hunters wear brown armor and the major Hunters wear green armor. However, an even stronger Hunter was introduced in Marathon 2: Durandal, called the "Mother of all Hunters." These new Hunters sported blue armor, and were roughly one and a half times the size of the major and minor Hunters.

Anatomy and Physiology Edit

The Hunters are decked out in heavy armor with a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon. They also have giant shields over both forearms. In Marathon, the Hunters had round helmets with a mouthpiece, much like a knight's helmet. Also, unlike the Pfhor fighters their third eye was on top. In Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity their design was changed quite a bit. They still wear heavy armor, but their helmets have sharp spikes protruding out in all directions, and their third eye is on bottom. Hunters are most effectively harmed by either the fusion pistol, or the SPNKR. Bullets from the assault rifle and pistol don't appear to affect them as much.


  • Minor Hunter

-Combat Settings:

Meelee attack: none

Ranged attack: hunter bolt; Damage: 15 + random 5 damage; Repetitions: 2; error: 3; range: 12288

Shrapnel damage: 60 + 30 random damage

-Physical Constants:

Health: 200

Speed: 39

Terminal Velocity: 73

Gravity: 8

Max ledge jump: 341

Min. ledge jump: -1024

Visual range: 30720

Dark Visual range: 4096

Intelligence: 8

-Behavior Settings: Is Alien, Minor, Uses sniper ledges.

  • Major Hunter

-Combat Settings: the same as the minor except 5 repetitions instead of 2.

-Physical constants:

Health: 300

Speed: 43

The rest is the same as the minor hunter.

Click here to go to the MOAH's page.

Quotes Edit

The other Alien was named Hunter by the crew due to its size and appearance. It fires an energy weapon from its shoulder and is heavily armored. Unlike the Fighters, the Hunters never take prisoners.

- Leela, from Marathon, Cool Fusion, Terminal Two (success)


The fusion pistol is the recommended tool for slaying hunters, particularly in Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. Grenades and rockets are equally useful, albeit not as practical. Also note that hunters will explode when killed by Fusion bolts, missiles and grenades. The resulting explosion can kill fighters and troopers, or even cause chain-reactions amongst groups of hunters which will clear a room in seconds - so stay clear of them whenever this occurs, as the blast(s) can easily harm or kill you! The only other way to quickly kill a hunter without the explosion is with a shotgun. Flamethrowers are useless against them as they are immune to it.


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