Guided Projectiles or Homing Projectiles are shots that will follow a target until hitting something, like its target or a wall. Any shot can be edited in a physics editor to be guided. However, any projectile shot by the The Player will never follow an enemy, even if it's flagged as GUIDED in the physics files, due to engine limitations.

Monsters that shoot Guided Projectiles in the main trilogy include the Compiler major, Flame Cyborgs and the Juggernaut.


  • The missile shot from the SPNKR is flagged as Guided in the standard physics files of Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity. Even though it's only fired by the player and will thus not be guided.
  • A monster can't be hit by it's own projectiles, even if you manage to guide them back to the monster, they will simply pass right through him. However they can take damage from the explosion of their projectile if their in the radius.

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