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Forge is name of the publicly-released map editor for Bungie's Marathon series. It also shares its name with the map editor used in Halo 3.


Forge, developed mainly by Jason Regier, has the ability to create and modify all Marathon maps, campaigns, link maps for levels, and hundreds of other features. It features a visual mode that allows the editor to add textures, raise terrain, etc. with a 3D view of the map. Its simple interface, along with the in-depth video tutorials that Bungie included with it, gave Forge a reputation as a very user-friendly map editor.

The counterpart to Forge is Anvil, which is used to edit physics, shapes, and sounds.

Visual ModeEdit

Visual Mode is the 3D viewing of a map in Forge, allowing the editor to add textures, lighting, etc.


Forge allows the editor to add, or edit anything on the map. Character's, Weapons, and Textures are some of the least edited features for edited or new maps. Maps can be made single player, multiplayer, or a combination.

Alternatives to ForgeEdit

Forge is a "classic" Mac OS application, so it is not compatible with recent versions of Mac OS X (since the "Classic Environment" was removed from OS X 10.5 "Leopard", released in October 2007). This can be a major hindrance to Marathon mapmaking. However, there are a few alternatives.

  • Emulation:
    • Pre-OSX versions of Mac OS can be run in emulators, such as Sheepshaver, Basilisk, or Mini vMac.
  • Map Editor One
    • Map Editor One is a 3rd party map editor that was poorly built, it features very little, and is virtually worthless.
  • Pfhorge
    • Currently perhaps the most complete Marathon editor other than Bungie's own.[1] Not to be confused with an ancient editor for Marathon 1 maps that bears the same name.
  • AIME
    • Currently in a very early state of development. [2]
  • Weland
    • .NET-based editor.[3]

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