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For Carnage Apply Within is the sixteenth level of Marathon 2: Durandal and the third of the Durandal chapter.


This level is focused around fighting a lot of compilers. You are making your way to Durandal's core to destroy him as he wants you to do, as he does not want to captured by Tycho. You begin in an room with a "trap" ment do disorient you while surrounding you by some Enforcers. Next is a hallway that will be flooded with Compilers once you pass through it. Instead you can go to the left and visit the first terminal from Tycho. He tells you some more about him loving Durandal's destruction. Yet it was his hubris that destroyed him, he says. There is also some ammo, including rockets, in this room. Return to the hallway and you can go right to a plasma-filled area. There are several green platforms to stay out of the damaging liquid. At every platform is going to be one Compiler teleporting, so take care of them quickly, there shots send you flying. At the end of this platforming session is a 2X recharger and a Pattern Buffer. Then comes part two of platforming, which will lead you to the end of the aforementioned hallway. You will still trigger all the enemies but you'll have less of a disadvantage. And you can also return to the 2X recharger any time. Going up the stairs you'll fight some more S'pht and eventually two Enforcers guarding a terminal and a big ammo supply. This terminal is from Durandal, though it's garbled and the only gthing readable is that he wants you to kill him, and so he teleports you to his core, to destroy him...


  • At the first platforming part you can go right at the end to find a big pool of plasma with some ammo in it.
  • At the same place is an elevator leading to an Enforcer guarding some valuable ammo.


  • You can skip most of the ambushes by rocket-jumping up to the last room from the area with the 2X recharger and save. There are shield canisters in the last room so you'll only have to be carefull for the two Enforcers.

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