Durandal is the fifth chapter in Marathon 2: Durandal and consists of four levels.

Synopsis Edit


"Durandal" chapter screen

The player has been transported to Durandal's ship, Boomer and is told the Pfhor are making quick progress entering the ship and killing any S'pht and humans they find.

In the first three levels of this chapter, Durandal tasks the player will delaying the Pfhor assault for as long as possible so he can evacuate as many S'pht and humans down to the planet's surface.

Finally in the last level of this chapter, Durandal has the player destroy his core logic centers, as he says he doesn't want to end up like Leela

Levels Edit

If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay

  • The player has been transported to Durandal's ship, Boomer with the instructions, "Maybe you can slow them down." The player's objective here is to simply kill all Pfhor encountered. [1]

Sorry Don't Make It So

  • At the end of If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay, Durandal says the player did well but all the human defenders have been routed. The player has to kill as many Pfhor here as possible to in order to give Durandal time to evacuate as many S'pht and humans as possible.

For Carnage, Apply Within

  • The player's only objective here to find the final terminal and kill any Pfhor along the way. Durandal only contacts the player at the end of the level to explain the next level's objective.

Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry!!

  • In the previous level, For Carnage, Apply Within, Durandal teleported the player to his core logic center and orders to the player to destroy it, saying "You must destroy my core logic centers. The damn Pfhor won't make a mockery of me like they did with Leela."[2].
  • The player must hit the switches in the outer sections which open circuit panels in the central area. Once the player destroys the newly opened circuit panel, another outer section will open. The player should repeat this process until all circuit panels have been destoryed. The player will teleport out automatically when the last panel is destroyed.

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