The Pfhor defense drone (or "probe") first made its appearance in Marathon 2.

Description Edit


Drone schematic, M2 terminal

A slow enemy, the drone has an equally slow distance attack, and is usually a simple opponent to defeat. Often first spotted by their glowing red optical receptors, their weapons array stays hidden behind an automated panel until the moment of attack. They are particularly vulnerable to the Fusion Pistol, but often easy enough to defeat with Fists.

In addition to defending various Pfhor interests, drones are sometimes used to enact equipment repairs.[1]

Variations Edit

Pfhor defense drones appear in both minor (blue) and major (green) variations.

In the level Ex-Cathedra, the player assists Durandal in uploading a virus package to allow Durandal to assume control of the defense drones. Although the virus is successful (the effects are not witnessed until Nuke And Pave), it was less effective than Durandal had hoped, as the Pfhor were ultimately prepared for the tactic because it had been attempted by the Nar two decades prior.[2]

While under Durandal's control, subverted drones have yellow eyes instead of red.

Sources Edit

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  2. Marathon 2, Curiouser and Curiouser..., first terminal

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