Captain R'chzne was a Pfhor captain introduced at the beginning of Marathon Infinity aboard Tycho's vessel.

Description Edit


Captain R'chzne's death

At the beginning of Rise Robot Rise the player begins aboard the "65-f cr'etz'ih"[1] and is contacted by Tycho as the AI attempts to claim control of the ship. The only ones standing in Tycho's way are Captain R'chzne and the Enforcers on board. Tycho says Captain R'chzne is busy trying to keep himself from being locked onto and teleported him into space and he's the last obstacle to gain control of the ship, due to the Control glands needed to officially receive control of a Pfhor vessel. The only Pfhor on board still loyal to him were the Enforcers, which the player was ordered to kill. The rest of the Pfhor crew believed they were receiving instructions from Tfear of Lh'owon High Command to execute any crew of Willfull rank or higher, e.g. the Enforcers and Captain R'chzne.

At the end of Rise Robot Rise Tycho explains Captain R'chzne has taken a drophip and is headed to Lh'owon. Upon reaching Lh'owon, he tries contacting the Lh'owon High Command, but Tycho responds by jamming his signals. Tycho further explains Captain R'chzne and his troops are hiding in a S'pht ruin that contain signs of an ancient A.I.. Simultaneously, the humans under the command of Robert Blake and Durandal were trying to activate that ancient A.I.

Eventually Captain R'chzne tried to use the cr'etz'ih's bridge transporter to escape from Lh'owon's surface. But the signal was redirected to space which ended up killing him and granting control to Tycho.

Alternate Timelines Edit

When Tfear of Lh'owon High Command later used the Trih Xeem[2] on Lh'owon's sun, the W'rkncacnter was released and the player was teleported to different timelines to try and find a way to defeat it. Due to the alternate timelines, Captain R'chzne could have survived in another timeline.

Trivia Edit

  • In the terminal picture of him, he does not wear any clothes resembling his rank or function. He seems to be wearing armor looking like that of Fighters, though this could just be what he wears in his free time.

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