Bob's Big Date is the twelfth level in Marathon 2: Durandal. It is the third level of Citadel, the fourth chapter of the game.


You have been teleported here from The Hard Stuff Rules... The first terminal is a message from Durandal, who tells you that you are in the bunkers beneath the Citadel of Antiquity, where the S'pht royalty gathered during the last days of their war against the Pfhor. He believes that they found a way to contact the S'pht'Kr, but died before they could use it; he wants you to download the data from their computers so he can search it for what they found. He then tells you that you will have to find a position closer to the surface for him to accurately teleport you out.

The second terminal is a message from the S'pht, who inform you that the S'pht'Hra have been destroyed. They then tell you that the first meeting of the Olders in living memory has taken place, and that it will save them from the Pfhor.

The third terminal is another S'pht terminal, which tells you that the Master said the names of each of the eleven clans, giving them names and ranks. His last words to the Olders were "Don't mistake your rank and number for superiority. The oldest child may learn from the youngest."

The fourth and final terminal is another message from Durandal, who tells you that the Pfhor fleet is close enough for him to make out their flagship, the Khiva. He tells you that, if the Khiva is still Admiral Tfear's ship, he will not be able to defeat their fleet in the battle. He tells you to keep searching for information, and then to return to this terminal to leave.

When you are done searching, Durandal first tells you that the Boomer is taking heavy damage in the battle, and then tells you to continue searching, but deeper underground. The only way to get you further down is by dropping you down a random geothermal shaft, which brings you to Six Thousand Feet Under.

List of Terminals TychoiscoolbeansTRANSWHAT

  • fatum.celer<793.514.255.255>
  • dizzy.from.5.63.Nma.23.1
  • antiquus<304.92.38.82>
  • virtus.incertus<77.7777.777.7>


  • Several of the small pools in the smaller rooms have ammo at the bottom, including shotgun ammo.
  • There is a secret door near the base of the staircase heading north, on the east wall. However, the entrance is too narrow, and all you can do is look at some Pfhor and F'lckta fight it out.


Marathon 2: Durandal - Level 12: Bob's Big Date