Biobus Chip Enhancements (also "BCE's," or simply "power-ups") are single-use items that can be found and used in the Marathon series of games.

Description Edit

BCE's have various effects, all of which take place as soon as they are picked up, and generally last for only a short while. They are somewhat of a rarity in the single-player scenarios, but are a common sight in many network levels.

The various BCE's seen throughout the games are:

Transparency Edit

Often called the "invisibility power-up," this BCE makes the player transparent. A second BCE picked up after the first one will increase the transparency effect. Transparency renders the user invisible on the motion sensors, and makes it harder to be tracked by enemies as well.

Duration: The Transparancy BCE lasts for 2100 ticks (70 seconds).

Extravision Edit

Also known as the "fish-eye power-up," the Extravison BCE increases its user's peripheral vision to 180 degrees, making it easier to spot hazards and enemies. Extravision is one of the more rarely-found (and sometimes, rarely-desired) BCE's.

Duration: The Extravision BCE lasts for 5400 ticks (3 minutes).

Hypervision Edit

Sometimes called "infravision," Hypervision tints your surroundings blue, while making humans yellow, Pfhor red, and items green. This power-up can often reduce or eliminate guesswork in tight situations. However, while other entities gain easily distinguishable colors, others do not. S'pht become blue, making them blend with the rest of the scenery. This can be particularly dangerous when they are accompanied by Pfhor, since the player will be less likely to look for blue in such a situation.

Duration: The Hypervision BCE lasts for 5400 ticks (3 minutes).

Super Shield Edit

Also called "invulnerability," the Super Shield BCE creates a static effect around the user's body, protecting from physical attacks. The only weapon known to bypass this shield is the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol, although the user can still be moved around by explosions.

Duration: The Super Shield BCE lasts for 1500 ticks (50 seconds).

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