Aye Mak Sicur is the 25th and final level of Marathon Infinity. It is also the final level in Envy, the third and final chapter in the game.

Synopsis Edit

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Secrets Edit

  • The term in the room with the second chip is the second half of the encode map file mentioned in the first level.
  • You can access several passages and ammo stashes on top of crates with rocket or grenade jumping.
  • There is a secret term, nicked named the `Double Aught' term, that can be accessed, along with a good ammo stash. In the main circular room that contained one Uplink Chip and a Juggernaut, face the save term, turn 180 degrees. On the left, you'll see a door coming out of the wall; enter the door, follow the long passageway behind it, taking the first left you come to. You'll come to another door that opens onto a short drop .. move to the edge of the drop, look down, and hit the action key to open the niche with the secret term. From this term, you then jump into the VidMaster Levels, starting with Try Again (31).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the largest level in the marathon trilogy. It uses the maximum space that can be used in a level.

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