Marathon Map
This article is about the Real World.


In the Marathon series, the Automap is a map of the level created automatically from the rooms--or, more specially, the walls--you have seen.

When accessed, the AutoMap displays the area explored by the player, areas not yet explored are blacked out, which is useful when navigating confusing areas. It also shows areas of colouring to indicated flooded areas or events. These are:

  • Dark Red Area: Areas flooded with Lava
  • Blue Area: Areas flooded with Water
  • Purple Area: Areas flooded with Alien fluids (engine fuel etc.)
  • Red Area: Areas recently opened up.


  • The Automap bears resembelence to DOOM's auto-map. However with the main difference is that Marathon's is mere greenish and that it dosen't show doors or items of interest and that the automap automatically updates even when it is enabled.

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