Anvil is the physics and media editor for Bungie's Marathon series.


Anvil allows the user to create and modify physics, shapes, and sounds for Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. The modifications can be used to introduce minor changes to the existing scenarios or to create entirely new scenarios and worlds.

Anvil was included, along with the map editor Forge, with the Marathon Trilogy. It was developed by Michael Hanson.


Instructions for using Anvil are included with the manual for the Marathon Trilogy.



Physics editing affect how factors such as gravity act within the game world.


Shape editing includes bitmap files, color tables, and animation sequences.


Sound editing includes the sound of weapons, characters, and environments. Sounds from the original Marathon can be imported.

Alternatives to AnvilEdit

Anvil is a "classic" Mac OS application, so it is not compatible with recent versions of Mac OS X (since the "Classic Environment" was removed from OS X 10.5 "Leopard", released in October 2007). This can be a major hindrance to Marathon mapmaking. However, there are a few alternatives.

  • Emulation:
    • Pre-OSX versions of Mac OS can be run in emulators, such as Sheepshaver, Basilisk, or Mini vMac.

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