Description Edit

As the name implies, the Alien Weapon is a Pfhor weapon which can be picked up from dead Enforcers and is the only Pfhor weapon the player can use.

Enforcers that are burned or completely destroyed do not drop their weapons. Grenades from the MA-75 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher and rockets from the SPNKR SSM Launcher with completely destroy an Enforcer and the weapon they hold.

The Alien Weapon has no additional ammunition, and when emptied is simply discarded. Additionally, the Alien Weapon cannot be reloaded or refilled.


When in hand, the player's HUD does not display a graphic of the weapon or ammunition remaining, but instead show static and "UNKNOWN WEAPON CLASS" with "system error 0xfded" messages.

Variations Edit

There are two variations of the Alien Weapon. Both drop from slain Enforcers but each version is completely different in look, damage, and firing style.

Marathon Edit


The alien weapon in Marathon

In Marathon, the Alien Weapon has a rate-of-fire similar to the MA-75 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher, but with no secondary function or firing mode.

When equipped, the Alien Weapon fires in a horizontal row with little-to-no vertical spread.

Marathon 2: Durandal Edit


The alien weapon in action (Marathon Infinity)

In Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, it functions more like a long range flamethrower with slower shots, with similar speed to the energy bolts from the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol. This version also has three firing modes:

  • The primary trigger fires a stream of shots directly forward.
  • The secondary trigger alternates firing at right and left 45-degree angles.
  • Third, pressing both triggers does all three directions at once (but using up the weapon much more quickly).

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Alien Weapon as first seen in Marathon bears a striking resemblance to the Alien Musical Instrument from Bungie's Marathon "prequel," Pathways Into Darkness.

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