Aie Mak Sicur

Aie Mak Sicur map

Aie Mak Sicur is a secret level in Marathon Infinity.

Overview Edit

Aie Mak Sicur is essentially a smaller version of Aye Mak Sicur, but instead of placing chips like in the original, you are just trying to stay alive against an onslaught of enemies. This level can be access from Level 6 Where Monsters are in Dreams.

In Where Monsters are in Dreams you'll come across a bit of floor that drops beneath your feet as you try to set onto it. In the room you find youself in, there are two yellow square: run across these to cause parts of that fallen hallway to rise back up. Retrace your steps back to just before this section of the hall, and run across: there is an exit terminal there, ready to take you off to this level.

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